Read our top tips to help keep your house warm this winter (and save money).

Winter is coming which means its time to turn on your heating.  If you haven’t had your heating on for a while you may experience some problems. We have listed some key tips and that can help keep your house warm and cosy this winter.


1) Upgrade your old boiler 

Good heating starts with a good boiler. If your boiler is old and showing signs of age related wear and tear, it is likely not working as effectively as it should – and could be costing you a lot more to heat your home. The newer boilers on the market are more energy efficient and come in a range of sizes and prices to suit your home and budget.

Barnes Heating Services Ltd have installed boilers across Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, South Hams and Teignbrige for many years and can advise on the right boiler for your home.

Check out the old system we upgraded in a house in Brixham to a combi boiler. Now the customer can enjoy instant heating and hot water with this new Baxi combination boiler.

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2) Flush your radiators

Keeping your radiators clean is a great way to keep your house warm this winter.  If your radiators are experiencing cold spots and your heating bills are increasing this may be because you have sludge and debris built up in your radiators.  We use the Adey MagnaCleanse machine which attracts the dirt and debris using magnetic technology.  Power flushing is a quick and cheaper method of maintaining your heating system without having to upgrade your radiators.  

See below a power flush we carried out at a large property in Thatcher Avenue, Torquay.



3) Service your boiler

A top tip to keeping your house warm this winter is to regularly service your boiler. We recommend doing this once a year and preferably before it starts getting cold. A boiler service will help ensure that your boiler is working safely and efficiently, if there are any problems the engineer can spot this early helping you to plan before the worst should happen!

At Barnes Heating Services, we service many boilers around Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, South Hams & Teignbridge.

Our boiler services are carried out to the highest standards by qualified gas safe engineers and at a very competitive price. Call now to get yours booked in with us 01803500404.



4) Lag your pipework

Pipe lagging (insulating hot water pipes with foam tubes) keeps the water inside your pipes hotter for longer and protects against the cold. It also makes your heating and hot water much more efficient. You can buy pipe lagging from any DIY store and fit it in seconds, no tools required.


5) Install a smart thermostat

A great way to keep your house warm & toasty this winter is to install a good thermostat. We recommend a Smart thermostat, these are a new bit of kit that connects your heating system to the internet – letting you adjust the temperature or switch your heating on or off using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Our favourite smart thermostats are the Nest, they come in a range of styles to suit all budget and look great in the home.

They typically work with most boilers – including standard gas boilers, heating oil and electric boilers – but not all. At Barnes Heating Services we can advise residents of Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and the South Hams on the best smart thermostat to suit your needs and budget. Call now to get a free quote to supply & install 01803 500404.