Oct 21, 2019 | Latest Projects

Combi boiler installation in Brixham, Torbay.

Barnes Warwick Heating Services Ltd were busy last week carrying out a Baxi combi boiler installation – Brixham

The customer located in Brixham previously had an old conventional boiler (or heat only boiler) that operated the central heating system and had a separate tank for hot water.  The system was showing signs of age and the hot water and heating took a long time to heat up.

Due to the size of the house in Brixham (3 bedroom & 2 bathrooms) we advised to upgrade the system to a combi boiler.  There are many benefits of installing a combi boiler some of which are listed below:


 Benefits of a combi boiler:

   More efficient:

Combi boilers are highly efficient when compared to older boiler models. In fact, replacing your boiler with a newer combi boiler could help you to save up to £300 a year on your heating bills.

 Cheaper to install & maintain:

Combi boilers are far less complex than traditional heating systems, which means that installations tend to be cheaper. It is also easier to find replacement parts if a problem occurs.


With no water tank to heat up, combi boilers can provide an unlimited supply of hot water on demand. This means less waiting time!

 More compact:

As there is no need for a separate water tank, combi boiler systems take up much less space than conventional heating systems. This makes them ideal for homes that have limited room.


Central heating systems with a combi boiler generally have less sludge build up, because the water is piped directly from the mains and not kept in a tank where it can accrue rust and debris.

 Better water pressure:

As a combi boiler runs on mains pressure people with these boilers can enjoy a more powerful shower compared to a gravity fed system where the water flows from a tank located in the loft.

In this particular installation we opted for a Baxi combi boiler which was entered into our list of the best combi boilers of 2019.  Baxi boilers are great value for money and highly efficient.

We added a MagnaClean filter to keep the boiler clean from metallic sludge and debris that builds up in heating systems and helps maintain the boiler for longer.

In addition to this we installed a new condense pipe and flue to comply with building regulations.

Check out the end result photo of the Baxi Combi boiler installation in Brixham!

Barnes Warwick Heating Services are a team of professional and highly recommended plumbing and heating engineers based in Paignton and cover Torquay, Brixham, South Hams & Newton Abbot.  If you would like a combi boiler installation in your home get in touch with us for a free no-obligation quote to supply and install.