Jun 18, 2019 | Latest Projects

Which radiator is right for your home?

Whether a newbuild project, a new central heating system or just want to change an individual radiator in your home, Barnes Warwick Heating Services will help you make the right choice for your home:

Heat Output

Our first consideration will always be that you have enough heat to warm the room effectively. The right radiator will depend on the size and layout of each room, the level of insulation and double glazing, whether or not there is an open fire or other form of heating. We’ll help you calculate what heat output your space requires.

Style:  Designer radiators are a stylish alternative to the standard ‘pressed steel’ radiators you see in most houses, giving you an aesthetically pleasing and often a more efficient focus in the room. They come in a wide variety of styles, quite commonly they are tall and narrow which allows for a widing range of placement solutions.

Style: traditional/classic – Modern versions of the traditional radiator are a lot more efficient than the ones you may remember and won’t look out of place in a refurbished or period property.

Energy efficient – Radiator technology is improving all the time, which means ‘low energy and high output’ are now a hugely effective option, especially where you have a limited amount of wall space.

Bathroom towel rails – Bathroom radiators and towel rails don’t just have to be functional. They can be very stylish and elegent.

Colours and finishes

Modern designer radiators come in a range of colours and finishes:

White – If you need a radiator in a hurry, it is most likely to be in white! This is the standard finish.

Colours – You can choose from a wide palette of colours for most radiators.

Chrome finish – Chrome has become a fashionable and stylish choice of finish for radiators. Bear in mind that, generally, a chrome finish will reduce heat output by up to 30%, we’ll build this in when calculating the size of radiator you need.

Stainless steel – Stainless steel is a great material to use on radiators because there is no risk of corrosion, peeling, flaking or discoloration of the finish. The additional advantage of the materials is that stainless steel radiators look fantastic.

Whichever style  of radiator you choose Barnes Warwick Heating Services can install an entire system of just a single radiator into your system that will effectively heat your space!



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